Heritage Suite

Our most lavishly decorated suites are the three Heritage Suites, located in the original 18th-century Rajput residence. Whilst preserving the old-world charm of the mansion, these suites are equipped with all modern amenities to create a luxurious blend of historic and contemporary. They each feature an ample bedroom and spacious bathroom with a separate shower and a cast iron bathtub. Staying in the Heritage Suite you will also enjoy your own terrace and private courtyard, with two suites sharing a common balcony. One of the major appeals of this suite is the breath-taking views it offers; the elevated platform in the front presents a stunning panorama of Mehrangarh Fort, while the back of the suite faces the splendidly landscaped hotel gardens.

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Garden Room

Incorporating the perfect blend of historical charms and modern day luxuriousness through the personification of nature, the Garden Rooms of hotel RAAS Jodhpur.

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Luxury Room

Bask in the lures of luxury, as the spectacular view of Mehrangarh Fort greets you from each view of your room. With over 28 rooms to choose from, each of the Luxury Rooms.

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Duplex Suite

The Four Duplex Suites, located in the modern block of hotel RAAS Jodhpur boasts a private balcony that offers a spectacular view of the Mehrangarh Fort.

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Heritage Suite

The epitome of luxury in hotel RAAS Jodhpur are the Heritage suites. Each of these three suites are located in the vicinity of the original 18th century Rajput residency.

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Stepwell Suite

A Heritage Suite overlooking the magnificent 1740 built stepwell, hidden for decades, now adopted by RAAS.

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