Modeliste Magazine September 2015

Aug 2015

The Mughal architecture captivates, none more than the Mehrangarh Fort magically lit in the darkness suspended above the city of Jodhpur...more

My Top 5 Sexiest Hideouts

Jun 2015

The haveli rooms at this strikingly designed boutique hotel have winding passageways...more

Luxury and Individual Vacation in India

Dec 2014

Luxury and Individual Vacation in India...more

How to spend it

Oct 2014

In the shadow of its legendary fort, the ancient desert city of Jodhpur intrigues with heritage hotels, garrulous merchants and cultural intiatives, says...more

The Boutique Hotel Beauty of the Blue City

Aug 2014

For a central jumping-off point to the many jewels of the Indian state of Rajasthan-think Indus Valley ruins, tiger reserves, and a UNESCO-certified bird sanctuary...more

Luxury Hotels in North India

Jul 2014

The RAAS is a boutique luxury hotel house within an 18th century haveli (Maharaja's Mansion). The poolside scene is reminiscent of Mediterranean glamour...more

2013 WAN Hotel of the Year Award

Jun 2013

Rarely have we seen such a global spread of entries as this year's Hotel of the Year longlist. More seldom still have the judges been so stumped by such a strong selection...more

Unforgettable Journeys

Nov 2012

A Stay at RAAS is a study in the evolution of Indian hospitality - a shift from the excessive to the optimal. Here, overbearing staff and OTT interiors have given way to unobtrusive service and...more

Out of the Blue

Apr 2012

Go to see one of the GRANDEST forts in Asia, and fall in love with a colourful, animated city. From the imposing Mehrangarh Fort to the narrow, winding lanes, JODHPUR is mesmerising...more

Winner of World Holiday Building of the year

Nov 2011

RAAS, Jodhpur, India, The Lotus Praxis Initiative, India A luxury boutique hotel in the old city of Johhpur, which features 17th and 18th century period structures that have been restored using traditional crafts and materials...more

A Heritage Hotel in Jodhpur

Nov 2011

The RAAS. Walking through the main gate which you'll get to via the meandering gullies of the blue city, the sense of privacy and inclusion is all-pervading.An acre and a half of private space designed by Lotus Praxis Initiative...more

Jump for Jodhpur

Oct 2011

A Stay at RAAS is a study in the evolution of Indian hospitality - a shift from the excessive to the optimal. Here, overbearing staff and OTT interiors have given way to unobtrusive service and...more

Boutique retreats in Jodhpur

Mar 2010

There are many memorable sights in Rajasthan but one in particular will stick in the mind. This is the view from the ramparts of Jodhpur's 15th-century Mehrangarh fort, parked on a cliff and soaring 400 ft above the city's skyline...more

Serendipity in Jodhpur

Feb 2010

Jaw dropping views, a design diktat where old and new blend harmoniously, and the only luxury address in the walled city–RAAS is a boutique hotel with all the right ingredients, plus...more

Exotic Escape

Jan 2010

This just-opened project is the work of Nikhilendra Singh, who bought a ruined mansion in the heart of Jodhpur, a Rajasthani fort town whose hotels have historically erred on the shabby side of chic...more

India's renewal: Victoria's Secrets

Sep 2009

Private jets, private tuk-tuks, private camels: India’s Golden Triangle is now luxury-transport heaven, says Victoria Mather...more


rooms & suites


Garden Room

Each of the four Garden Rooms combines historic charm and modern-day luxury in its design.

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Luxury Room

Revel in the opulence of your surroundings in one of our 28 Luxury Rooms, with a view of the magnificent Mehrangarh Fort filling the sky in every window.

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Duplex Suite

Our four Duplex Suites are located in the modern block of the hotel. All have private balconies, where a covered seating area offers protection against both sunshine and rainfall.

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Heritage Suite

Our most lavishly decorated suites are the three Heritage Suites, located in the original 18th-century Rajput residence.

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Stepwell Suite

A Heritage Suite overlooking the magnificent 1740 built stepwell, hidden for decades, now adopted by RAAS.

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